Humans have evolved to respond to, remember, and identify with well crafted stories. It began as a way of passing on information, skills and culture. Now it's our most powerful and reliable vehicle for communication. 

We harness that evolutionary attribute to drive consumer engagement and bring you maximum ROI. By crafting and fine tuning your company’s stories, we grow your business and develop your brand into an industry icon. 

The Evolution of Marketing & Story

95% of the info from a video is retained vs only 10% from text.

Video increases conversion rates of landing pages by 80%

64% of consumers buy a product after seeing a video on social networks

90% would leave a job for a company with an outstanding reputation.

82% of investors say name recognition is key in investment decisions

77% of marketers say branding is crucial for growth & making recognizable & personable brands

82% of consumers feel more positive about a brand after reading customized content.

87%  buy a product or service 
based on social advocacy

86% prefer authentic & honest brand personality on social networks.

88% of companies are satisfied with their return on investment

Video marketing increases event attendance by up to 37%

Original Images and video drive engagement by up to 93%

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Videos Polished To a Shine

Video is the most potent storytelling method we have. It's a communicative superpower, increasing information retention, evoking powerful emotional responses and user engagement.


Video business cards create personal relationships with your audience before you ever have to get on a sales call. Explainer videos liberate your time from having to pitch product function and usefulness. 

Video ads and dedicated product videos drive landing page click through rates and conversions like no other tool could dream of. 

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Video Solutions for Your Marketing & Sales Needs

Through state of the art equipment, years of experience, and a deep passion for the craft of film we drive growth. We increase sales, promote community growth and help you reach your goals.


We craft films for you from the ground up; scripting, story boarding, production, and post-production. Video marketing is an invaluable tool in your arsenal of problem solving options. It’s not just a video, its your story, your solution.   

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It takes 5 to 7 impressions for a prospect to remember your brand. Our custom designed and implemented content makes sure those impressions get to the prospects you need them to. More importantly, we ensure they establish you as the consummate expert in your field. 

Our tailored and masterfully crafted blogs, vlogs, white pages, and social media content links you to the subject in your prospects mind so inexorably that when it’s time for them to make a decision, you are the top name that comes to their mind. 

Become The Go-To Brand

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Original Content To Forge An Original Legacy

LumaREZ Media can support your existing marketing initiatives and team, or act as your dedicated team taking the matter entirely off your plate and allowing you and your employees to focus on what makes your company truly special. 

We use proven strategies and products to maximize your return on investment, carve out new markets for yourself and establish your brand as a thought leader among your peers and constituents. Providing value, thought leadership and smiles to brighten your brand.

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Brand Development for Profit Growth

Full brand development services, ranging from the creation of logos, to branded materials like vehicle wraps. We help you develop a positive brand presence in your community and among your prospects.


Our elegant designs and deft strategies grow your brand and craft your reputation and community impact so that you achieve your goals and build a lasting legacy. This so that your constituents and customers feel loyalty and pride in your brand. 

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Maximizing Impact & Legacy

Whatever your branding needs may be, LumaREZ Media has your back as a full service design team or as supplemental support for your existing team. We help establish new companies by developing full brand packages, aid existing companies in their growth through ad design, and facilitate internal operations through presentation and instructional design.


No client can do it all in house, we take on the heavy design lifting so you can focus on the more urgent operational, sales, and scaling matters. 

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As social as we are, events gift us some of our most cherished memories. Whether it be weddings, maternity photos, a convention, or a professional networking event, we cover it all with stellar photography and videography. 

We market events through meticulously detailed campaigns spanning all mediums. We film and edit wrap up videos to thank your attendees and market the next event. Most importantly, we freeze those invaluable moments in time with friends, family and coworkers to be cherished for years to come. 

Capture Your Moment 

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Event Photography, Video and Marketing

Whether it be promoting an upcoming event via a dedicated and strategic marketing campaign, preserving beautiful personal moments like engagements, weddings and family photos, or designing materials for a professional convention...we’ve got you!