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Updated: Oct 9, 2021

You and your company are ready to make the leap into the online space and one of the most impactful tools you can add to your marketing tool belt is a carefully tailored and personalized brand identity video.

The first step in achieving this is to find a capable and experienced video producer to craft the project from your vision. In today’s age there are so many different creatives to choose from it can be overwhelming to find the best fit for you and your company, which is key.

For your investment to be successful the person in charge of your video needs go beyond knowing how to operate equipment. They have to understand you and your brand and be able to communicate your story effectively and concisely to your audience.

Powerful video marketing boils down to powerful storytelling.

Now this may seem a little more complicated than at the outset so to help with the process, here are some helpful tips on how to find the perfect video producer for your business.


One of, if not the best indicator of a video producer's skill and ability is their demo reel. The demo reel is comprised of the best clips from actual projects they've filmed. This shows not only what they're capable of but also their style and whether their sense for aesthetics aligns with your brand's. In general, it's a great preview of what your brand video could look like. Also consider asking if they have any specific examples similar to what you'd like from them. This is the ideal situation but not necessarily critical. If a videographer doesn’t have a demo reel or work examples available that could be seen as a red flag, as you have no way to guarantee their quality of work or their level of experience.


Reviews from past clients are another phenomenal metric. Whether it’s comments on their social media or curated testimonials on their website, it’s important to know that others have had good experiences with them during the process and furthermore have had good results after delivery of the project.


The best place to find both demo reels and testimonials is on an artists website or lacking that; their social media channels. In the digital age we currently live in, it is common for many freelancers to have their social media channels be the central nexus for their service and brand. This is especially the case for those that focus more on private clients such as weddings. Although not having a website isn't entirely a red flag, do consider that it may communicate the scope of their business and services and ask yourself if you're comfortable working in that smaller scope.


One more helpful tip is to always meet your video producer in person if possible before deciding to work with them. Crafting your company's story into video can be an intimate process and being able to communicate and get along with your producer is a must. Neither one of you wants to feel like you’re pulling teeth while getting the job done.


Before you start searching let’s have a discussion about price. It's of course critical to structure your budget for this project carefully and adhere to it. But shopping strictly by price can lead to a very negative experience. Hiring the lowest bidder for the sake of cutting costs often results in wasted time, money and headaches. Some alternative ways to stay in budget might include; reducing the scope of the project or even breaking one larger deliverable into several smaller ones that can be effective on their own and "pay as you play".

Hiring creatives may seem expensive, but oftentimes you’re paying for a wealth of experience that guarantees a quality final product with the impact you need. At the end of the day, your final product and the results it nets you are the most important factor.

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